About Us

Our history

Ingenio Cutris is a company with more than 50 years of operation. We are located in San Carlos, Boca Arenal. At first, the company belonged to Carlos Córdoba and Jorge Kooper. In 1978, Sergio Clinaz bought the company and worked in it for 8 years, making it grow both in production and in area planted with sugarcane. In 1986, he inherited the Mill to his children Eddie, Joanne and Dean Clinaz, of whom his first two children have been in charge currently.

Our Sugar Tour

In 2021, Sugar Tour was born with the need to diversify and innovate the productive process of the sugar mill, in addition to show the experience and learning in a practical and sustainable way the operation of the sugarcane industry in Costa Rica. At Sugar Tour, we are motivated to be able to open the heart of our factory and showcase from our experience how sugar cane is cultivated, assisted and processed.

Environmental responsibility

We highlight the company’s commitment to the environment, and as part of this program, the mill has a wastewater treatment system whose purpose is to eliminate or degrade the contaminants that come in the water from the result of sugarcane processing. At the mill, we make use of waste such as filter cake, bagasse and ash for the production process of organic fertilizer contributing to our production and we deliver it free of charge to our producers for the development of their cane crops, providing nutrients and improving biodiversity of soils in the short, medium and long term.

Social responsibility

Ingenio Cutris works to extend its efforts and services beyond our industry. Hand in hand with our employees, we develop projects to give back to our community by improving schools and soccer fields. We support culture and the youth of the folkloric group in our area. We cannot forget our traditional activity of lighting the Christmas star of the Ingenio Cutris, where the beneficiaries are the children and youth of the community with different activities.

Live the tour of the industrialization of Sugar Cane in Ingenio Cutris
We are excited for you to live a sweet experience in the only Cane Tour in Costa Rica!